Tuesday, 17 October 2017

QQ evening

Two weeks ago I finally managed to make it to a Quayquilters' meeting where we were sewing heart cushions but before we embarked on that we had some Show and Tell.
I think this may be Pauline's; she is digging out older projects to complete.
Wonderful redwork embridery.

This is definitely Pauline's. She has employed Rita's Whirlis to create a curved log cabin

This is Jan's very tasteful version of a Gail Lawther pattern. I like it better than the flaming
African sunset ones which most people opted for.

Monday, 16 October 2017

U3A October Project 02

Cut each pair into 1", 2", 3" and 4" strips.

Take the top fabric 4" piece of the first pair and place it on the left and then the
 other top fabrics in sequence from large to small. Then take the underneath strips
and intersperse them beginning with the 1" strip and then in sequence
from small 1" strip ending with the alternate 4"
strip on the left.
Sew together and press all seams towards the left hand navy piece.

Repeat for the second pair but press all seams towards the very light 4"
piece on the right.

U3A October project 01

Today we embarked on  a converge panel designed by Brenda Dean and published in Popular Patchwork in May 2018. 
You start with four 10" squares

And place pairs right sides together

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Monday U3A

Led by Margaret the students had gone home to p[lay with disappearing four patches with lots of interesting results.
Inspired by YouTube

More variations

More again

Monday, 9 October 2017

Away weekend

Maggie's African fish laid out
Maggie's ladybird quilt in the making - a Jan Mullen technique
My bedroom!!!

My windows and balcony

Sewing in the kitchen extension

Space for hand sewing and watching films

View from balcony

Maggie's quilt with border

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Away for the weekend

Five of us made our annual trip to the seaside, staying in a house, sewing, watching films and going out for walks and visiting the food festival. I haven't been well so had a laid back time with long lie ins, afternoon naps and leisurely strolls but by the end I was so much better. I took along some easy things which will be the subject of demonstrations and an upcoming workshop.
Four squares

Cut up and sewn back together

From four squares I made a convergence piece - I have four more squares so may make a bag with a convergence variation on each side.
Next up was a simple split ninepatch. I'll border the little quilt with a narrow red insert to pep it up.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Latest effort

I am now trying to use up leftover pieces from completed quilts, usually on  casual improv. lines and this follows on from my Skopolos quilt though I now wish I hadn't included the leftover block. It measures 42 x 49" and owes not a little to a Helen Howes pattern in a recent magazine.
This is the way I laid it out

but perhaps it's better this way up ?

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Last from Hever

The rose garden
Hever is a lovely day out, not just for the quilts but for the lovely gardens though the weather was rather dull this year. This year we had tickets to go round the house and were greeted by an Anne Boleyn lookalike.
Janet Hall: Red for Matt and Jo: she attended a fractured flowers workshop, a
technique I'd like to try on a smaller scale.

Louise Bell: Autumn leaves and birds in trees
Applique on linen. I like the unstructured all over use of applique elements.

Rosemary Hesketh: Nine Patch Liberty Tana Lawns

Detail of Liberty fabrics