Thursday, 22 February 2018

quiltCon starts here

At five registration opened for QuiltCon. The long line was very orderly and good natured. My husband took my place for a spell while I took pictures of the the bee or group charity quits executed in response to a MQG set theme.

I was pleased to one of the first thousand to sign up on line so I gained a free goody bag which included a rotary cutter and three notebooks which is good because otherwise I was going to buy a set so I could take the odd note in lectures. All is now stowed away or set out to take tomorrow.
Fuzzy photo but I'm not getting everything out again!

Huntington Quilts

Quilts with lots of small blocks were
enjoyed by our predecessors too.

Beautiful Hand Quilting.

Today we visited the Huntington Gardens (mainly) but also the galleries. In the America section I was delighted to see a wall of vintage quilts and later a work by Robert Rauschenberg An artist whose work I am drawn to because in size and design it reminds me of quilts and inspires too.
Painting by Robert Rauschenberg

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Ready to roll

Here I am in front of the main QuiltCon building but the show doesn't  start till Thursday so we are sightseeing.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Getting ready for QuiltCon

I have been sewing stack and slash 9-Patches in preparation for a workshop with Katie Pederson in Pasadena. We only have 3 hours so this will give us a head start. I used a plains layer cake to cut the eighteen 8.5 inch squares to make 18 9-Patches.

Sewing day

Four of us me up for a very pleasant day of sewing and lunch. Judi with pressing help from Mel put together the DNP batik blocks she and Castle Wall Quilters had made, I finished sewing the blue and white ones and in the afternoon we had a jolly time making maverick triangle variation blocks.
Blocks of warm and cool colours

Maverick blocks

And more

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

1998 quilt "Starry Slumbers"

Our group's raffle quilt will be the same pattern as one I made in 1998 from a pattern by either Sara Nephew or Mary Hickey. I can't remember which as both were included in the book which I've lent to the quilt committee. I have two blocks to do and two to deliver to another member. To help her understand the various versions of  the blocks I sent her these pictures of my version.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

On and Off and On

Yesterday I boldly cut off the monochromatic binding which made the quilt looked bad and added a red stripy bias single fold one which looks much better. Now I'm enjoying  hand down watching TV in the evenings.

Off with it

Attached replacement.

Starting to sew it down =looking better.

Saturday, 10 February 2018

Piece of Cake - not!

I finally added the bottom and last border to my Piece of Cake quilt. I've sewn up the joining strip on the back and after the picture was taken added a binding in the black white and grey newsprint fabric. However the binding looks disappointing to say the least and I now plan to rotary cut off the edge of the quilt. I have the leeway to do this as I allowed an extra 1.5" border depth when I squared up the quilt. So on to plan "B" and a red stripey binding. Auditioning my alternatives would have avoided all this but I was in a hurry to finish.

Friday, 9 February 2018

Quayquilters' Night

I demonstrated 54-40 or Fight which is included in our raffle quilt but beforehand there was Show and Tell:
Pauline's project from Judi Kirk's hexagon workshop last Saturdat.

Another one from Pauline

Mary I with quilt top for a soon to be born nephew

Valentine wreath made by Debbie

Fans and plates made by the beginner class.